Photographer is a defective individual subordinated to aparatus

By Peter


The intention of this work as well as the evaluation of the photographic image (picture, portrayal) is to emphasis the content, the concept and the philosophy, not the form. We can use several devices such as calligraphy, handwriting, computer or typewriter to rewrite the statement or the concept „Photographer is a defective individual subordinated to aparatus“. It is the same principle of using many different aparatuses, techniques or procedures which photographer – artist employs within the realization of his or her intention. In this work I have decided to use the camera to express the idea and to express the photography, but only such as data recording medium in terms of its reproduction for purposes of sharing with outside world. The photography can be the art… But if you are only interested in aparatus right after the sharpness, the brightness and the composition, you better „hang it on the nail“ and do something else. Don´t bother other people with photographies of poppy seeds and sunsets. Millions of such photographies have come into existence since the origin of photography. Don´t produce the garbage that will only cause the „ecological“ disaster in the universe of photography.

Thank you.