About life

By Peter

At work „About life“ I target the shots of everyday life made by mobile phone. A mobile phone is a part of everyone. The photographs made by mobile phone are authentic photos. Everybody is already used to poor quality of visual language of this gadget we are used to it from the media or the social nets. For examle the first shots from the attack to WTC were maden by mobile phone. My aim was to underline a graininess of this record type and to point out to a basic element of a digital photohraphy and that is a pixel. At the magazines, the advertisings and the posters we encounter the advertising and fashion photographies which simulate that they are a reflection of a reality but they are digital pictures loosing an origin in the reality…. The retouched and mis-shapen human faces are not a print of the reality yet but they are a wiew from a virtual world.

My photographs are simple and poetical wiew to everyday life of human and of his needs. A food, a sleep, a privacy, an excreting, ect… But in these strait wiews there are found a recess of a human psychic in a second distance. The photography happens a mirror (image) of a mind and all its parts from a unconsciously to a consciousness…(you can be delighted at „ the Freud‘s sofa“ or at a fantastic (phallic) building which you like you don’t know why…) And suddenly the simple wiew is become a difficult riddle and there is the way opened to searching for the real meaning. The meaning not only of these photographies but also the meaning and a position of a general photography in a sociaty, at art and everyday life.

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