• Essential Guides to Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography comes with a lot of pressure, some mistakes you can do can lead to the couple never forgetting and always being frustrated when they see you. Hence this is why most professional photographers will advise you on finding a professional photographer. I believe this should not prevent you as a beginner from taking


    The iPhone camera brings a whole new life to pictures with just a snap. Weddings are special occasions and wedding photography is an essential part of it all. Photos are good memoirs for future purposes and reminders of a special day shared among two love birds with their friends and family. Many are the times

  • Untitled (He) STORY

    I took the photos of the things and the situation around me at this work. I trying to find the connections to social, political, artistic, historical problems in these things and situations. I tried to find an objective and impersonal something in a subjective, personal things and situations. I supported this by text. The photos

  • Photographer is a defective individual subordinated to aparatus

    The intention of this work as well as the evaluation of the photographic image (picture, portrayal) is to emphasis the content, the concept and the philosophy, not the form. We can use several devices such as calligraphy, handwriting, computer or typewriter to rewrite the statement or the concept „Photographer is a defective individual subordinated to

  • Twinlens camera

    A camera became „painter’s“ tool for the painters-photographers (digital artist) of 21. century. The photography like memory and the graphic programs like „brush“ enabled to create a new reality and they helped to more quality more credible imaging of the world of the fantasy and the surreality. This fact helped to create the truer, „more

  • About life

    At work „About life“ I target the shots of everyday life made by mobile phone. A mobile phone is a part of everyone. The photographs made by mobile phone are authentic photos. Everybody is already used to poor quality of visual language of this gadget we are used to it from the media or the

  • About Photographer and about photography

    “It isn’t an important thing what photography is wanted to take by the author, but how it’s wanted to take.” Mostly the photographies rise through a camera. So the author stays at the same level like a camera and he fights to it. He tries to find a way to subdue it. But the camera

  • Am I not deviant because I am photographer

    I run up and down the streets and shoot. I am like a hunter, who’s waiting for his prey. It’s about survival I have to catch a lot, so that I can feed my “insatiable soul”. But today, it doesn’t seem to be working out, I can’t get close enough to get a good shot.

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