By Peter

The iPhone camera brings a whole new life to pictures with just a snap. Weddings are special occasions and wedding photography is an essential part of it all. Photos are good memoirs for future purposes and reminders of a special day shared among two love birds with their friends and family. Many are the times the concerned parties don’t prefer phone photography as they are not sure of their capability of taking good pictures. The iPhone camera is a good take for wedding photography and beautiful pictures. However, to achieve this you need to follow up on 8 essential tips to hit the nail on the head. This include;

Capture the moments

Capture each and every moment as it unveils. From the entrance through the vows to the cake cutting ceremonies. Ensure that you don’t miss a moment of the entire day as it progresses from the start to the end. This will help you create a good story that everyone will enjoy watching time after time.

Shoot in good light

Lighting is a very essential factor at good photography results. As the photographer, you need to have a plan on how to take pictures without the weather being in your way. In case the weather is too sunny, use a reflector to avoid over-exposure of bright objects and harsh shadows on people’s faces. The reflector will work in your advantage by brightening up any dark objects and illuminating the shadows and making them brighter. On the other hand, if the lighting is poor, try and find well lit areas to achieve beautiful pictures.

Use burst mode

The burst mode helps you overcome any movement obstacles. It is obvious that there will be lots of movements from the bride and groom and may end up taking not so good pictures with a single snap. Implementing the burst mode will help you capture several pictures at a go and from them you can choose the best.

Set exposure on highlights

It is important to pay attention to the brightness of the targeted objects especially when it comes to the bride. The bride’s grown is very bright and in case of dark surrounding, the bride may appear over-exposed. The iPhone camera may not adjust its exposure setting accordingly therefore, you need to manually adjust it so that the highlights are well exposed and the details can be well viewed.

Maintain a close distance

This applies when you need to take portraits of the bride and groom. You need to be at a close distance to ensure that you take good shots. The close distances allows you to capture their emotions as you concentrate more on their facial expression. You freeze in the happiness, excitement and love moments and get to capture the finer details of the bride and groom. NB: don’t use the zoom feature in taking portraits.

Eliminate distracting backgrounds

As a photographer, you need to overcome the distraction brought forward by the background. The importance of this is to capture clear and clean images. You can overcome moving distracting objects by taking photos in an open area or asking the subjects to stand in front of a stationary object. In addition, you can shoot the pictures from a low angle so as to avoid the distractions.

Capture the small details

The small details of a wedding are as vital as other details. With this in mind, ensure that you capture the bouquet of flowers, the bride’s accessories and jewelry, the cake detail, which are often disregarded to mention but a few. The finer details are the keys to the wedding theme.

Black and White conversion

Once you are done shooting the pictures, convert some to black and white. This adds a classic look and atmosphere to the pictures. Also enhances the picture details which might have been exposed to distractions hence concentrating the attention to the details and not on the distractions.

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